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Other Requirements

Other Requirements

The sponsor should also convince the immigration officer of their behavioural eligibility to sponsor their spouse/common-law partner. The eligibility criteria they are asked to prove is related to their behavioral suitability as a Canadian resident or citizen which affects their ability to sponsor a foreign citizen. You can prove your good behavior by obtaining a police certificate verifying that you have not been convicted of any crimes, including the use of violence or any other sort of physical abuse of relatives, friends, your spouse’s relatives, or previous romantic relationships. If the sponsor has been previously sponsored by another Canadian citizen or permanent resident, they will not be eligible to sponsor their spouse for a minimum of five years. 


No Financial Undertaking?

When reuniting with your spouse, Canada does not ask for a high income. However, there are still some requirements to meet. The sponsor must show that they can support their spouse when they arrive to Canada. This is to prevent the sponsor from having to receive social welfare, in which case, the sponsor would be liable to pay back the government.

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