About Us

سهیل احمدی soheyl AhmadiInspiCan Immigration and Education Services inc. is located in the heart of Montreal, Quebec
InspiCan Immigration Inc. works closely with legal counsels (members of Barreau du Québec), Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants who have been trained professionally to deliver a quality service in mandating clients’ immigration matters.

We are committed to work in accordance with various regulatory bodies and provincial jurisdictions including (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Licensed Immigration Consultant and Foreign Worker Recruiter), and Quebec approved consultants (Registre québécois des consultants en immigration).

We serve an honest, unbiased and careful service to all interested individuals in immigration to Canada in a comprehensive and timely manner.
Our services include but not limited to, providing advice and assistance to anyone who is interested in visiting, studying, working or living permanently in Canada and to become a Canadian citizen.
There are many ways you can apply to come to Canada. At InspiCan, we will thoroughly assess your case and recommend the best programs according to your qualifications and personal factors.