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Pathways to immigration for graduates

Study to Immigrate Pathway

Choose a Program of Study

Our educational advisor will work with you to find theBestFit© program according to your future needs.

Here are what we will discuss:

  • your choice of program in a specific field
  • duration of program
  • GPA requirement
  • Tuition Fees
  • Location of your school
  • Characteristics to help you become successful

Apply for the School

  • We provide you a few options - as soon as weve picked the program, we will provide you with a link with the schools (unless options are limited).
  • Submit documents - once you make a decision, we will ask you to submit your documents (e.i. High School Diploma, Transcripts, Face copy of your Passport and language proficiency certificate) through "express your interest" on InspiCan website.
  • Email you a link to pay the application fee - We will provide you the link to your email, to pay for the application directly to the institution (usually between C$80-150).
  • Wait for Offer Letter from the school - once the offer letter is presented by the institution, we will proceed with the study permit and visa application.

*Only schools that are certified as Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) can be approved by the Government of Canada to be granted a study permit, therefore we only represents DLI institutions.

Prepare Immigration Documents

As soon as we apply to the institutions, you should expect an email within 2-3 weeks to receive the letter of offer.

  1. Receive letter of offer – upon receiving this letter, we will require you to submit more documents for the study permit and visa application to Canada.
  2. Submit documents to apply for study permit – we will send you a list of documents to submit to proceed with the application.
  3. Pay for the study permit fee on the government website ($150 +85 biometric fee)* – we will send you a link to pay for this fee, or we can help you to pay also if needed. *For studying in Quebec, you will need to apply for CAQ (Quebec Acceptance Certificate) before the study permit, the fee is C$111.
  4. Wait for study permit before booking your travels and accommodation – CAQ may take up to 20 working days and study permit should take between 4 days to 11 weeks depending on the month of application.

**You are encouraged to apply ASAP especially to institutions in Quebec. Once you receive your study permit, you will also be eligible to a work permit for up to 20 hours per week on and off campus. Your spouse who is accompanying you may also apply for an open work permit.

Apply for Permanent Resident in Canada

As a study-to-immigrate pathway©, we can support your immigration documents 6-9 months before you graduate. This pathway enables you to increase in your human capital score to the desired score as per the immigration policy on best economic fit for Canada. We facilitate many students application to become Permanent Resident as we believe this is a holistic approach to the Immigration of Canada.