Benefits of studying in Canada

 1. The cost of studying in Canada is much more affordable than studying in Australia, studying in the United Kingdom and studying in the United States. There are excellent Canadian universities that you can study with a tuition of about 30 million USD per year. Education in Canada is far better in terms of tuition and quality compared to the countries mentioned.

2. Residency after studying in Canada. In all provinces of Canada, international students have been able to use immigration methods to Canada after studying.

3. Another benefit of studying in Canada Calculates your time in Canada as your staying date for Canadian passports. Half the days of your stay as a student in Canada are counted as your stay on the Canada Passport. (You can take advantage of this for up to one year). For example, you will become a Canadian citizen by obtaining a bachelors or masters or college degree in Canada, and staying 2 years after completing a degree in Canada. Is not it great?

4. In some of the Canadian provinces, your tuition fees will be tax deductible after graduation in Canada and will be refunded to you by up to 70%.

5- Cost of living in Canada is cheaper than other countries.

6. Unlike the United States, which does not allow students to work at the same time as studying, student work in Canada is legal and permissible and you can work with no restrictions. Students who work full time in Canada are allowed during the 20-hour / weekly non-course.

7- Getting a student visa for your wife and children at the time of arrival and even before you arrive in Canada

8. The possibility of free studying children in Canadian schools with parenting education in Canada

9- Ability to work without restriction for the applicants spouse in Canada

10. The possibility of changing a university and field after obtaining a Canadian visa without leaving Canada

11. Can study French in Canada

12. The possibility of your children studying in Canadian public schools and very affordable. Canadian public school tuition is often cheaper than school tuition in the home country.

13. Canadian Canadian Student Visits without Presence at Embassy for Children under the age of 16

14. Canadian Canadian Visa Entrance without Interview at Embassy and Apellay for a Student Visa 100% online in the shortest possible time.

15. Another benefit to studying in Canada is the use of state and university scholarships for graduate and postgraduate degrees.