Hospitality Sector Pilot Project

 This sub-category is for foreign workers who want to apply for permanent residency and:
  • Are currently working in Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit;
  • Have been working with an SINP Hospitality-approved employer for a minimum of six months (960 hours); and
  • Are working in one of the following jobs:
    • Food/Beverage Server (NOC 6513)
    • Food Counter Attendant/Kitchen Helper (NOC 6711)
    • Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff (NOC 6731)
  • Meet the sub-category criteria. The criteria can change at any time, but we’ll use what was on this website when we received your complete application.


To apply for SINP nomination through this sub-category, you must:

  • Have a valid work permit issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for one of the following:
    • Food/Beverage Server (NOC 6513)
    • Food Counter Attendant/Kitchen Helper (NOC 6711)
    • Housekeeping/Cleaning Staff (NOC 6731)
  • Have completed at least Grade 12 education (or its equivalent).
  • Work for an employer that has been approved by the SINP to participate in the Hospitality Sector Project. The SINP wont accept applications from hospitality sector employees who begin working for their employer before the employer receives SINP approval.
    • To find out if your employer is SINP-approved, ask for a copy of their letter of approval.
  • Work in Saskatchewan for at least six months and meet all your employers work and performance standards.
  • Have an offer of permanent, full-time employment from an approved Saskatchewan Hospitality employer
  • Have at least Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 4 or higher English language ability in all four categories (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
  • Have a valid SINP Job Approval Letter

Temporary Foreign Workers

If youre a temporary foreign worker and are interested in this sub-category:

  1. Your employer would have to submit a completed SINP-500-4 Hospitality Sector Recruitment and Retention Plan to the SINP.
  2. Once this plan is approved and youve completed the requirements for nomination, you can apply to the SINP in this sub-category.

The federal government sets the amount of nominations the SINP can make every year. The SINP also accepts a maximum number of applications each year. No application is guaranteed to be accepted and/or nominated.

Who Cant Apply through the Saskatchewan Experience – Hospitality Section Project Sub-Category?

The following cant apply through this sub-category:

  • Refugee claimants in Canada who are claiming refugee status from the Government of Canada

Also, if any of these are true, you may not be eligible for nomination by the SINP:

  • You didnt submit documentation that the SINP asked for;
  • You were unable to prove that you intend to live and work in Saskatchewan; and,
  • You and or your representative have intentionally misrepresented yourselves in the application.

How to Apply

Applications that are submitted where documents are missing or not translated will be considered incomplete and the application will be closed. If your application is closed, you will be sent a letter and advised to reapply at a later date with a complete application.

What You Need to Know about Using Immigration Representatives

You are not required to use an immigration representative or consultant to apply to the SINP, but if you wish to do so, you must make sure theyre licensed by the Government of Saskatchewan. Visit Using an Immigration Representative for more information. View a list of Licensed Immigration Consultants at Immigration Consultant and Foreign Worker Recruiter Licensing and Responsibilities.