Manitoba Farm Strategic Initiative

Strategic Initiatives

Growing Forward 2 strategic initiatives programs respond to the challenges and opportunities faced by Manitoba agriproducers and agriprocessors, including:

  • changing market conditions and consumer demand
  • innovation in practices and processes
  • global market opportunities
  • sustaining valuable resources

In Manitoba, the federal and provincial governments will invest $176 million over five years on strategic initiatives, which represents an increase of $50 million from the previous agreement.

Seven programs have been developed for Manitoba with input from the industry and will be administered through Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD).

Growing Assurance: Advances sustainable business practices

This program builds strong foundations by advancing assessment, adoption and implementation of environmental, food safety, animal welfare, plant and animal health, biosecurity and traceability systems and activities that support national initiatives, as well as conserve and enhance ecological goods and services on the agricultural landscape. Programs and initiatives included under Growing Assurance include:

Growing Assurance - Food Safety On-Farm

Growing Assurance - Food Safety Processing and Distribution

Growing Assurance - Farmland Beaver Damage Control

Growing Assurance - Environmental Farm Plan

Growing Assurance - Environment

Growing Assurance - Ecological Goods and Services

Growing Innovation: Advances research and adoption

This program cultivates activities directed at research and on-farm innovation by providing financial support for state-of-the-art organizations and agencies that conduct innovation-driven projects. Initiatives include:

Growing Innovation - Agri-Food Research and Development Initiative

Growing Innovation - Capacity and Knowledge Development

Growing Innovation - On-Farm

Growing Competitiveness: Advances competitive business skills
This program builds businesses and business leaders skills and knowledge through group training and individual training for young farmers, farmers, agrifood and agriproduct processorsInitiatives include:

Growing Competitiveness - Next Generation

Growing Competitiveness - Agri-Extension

Growing Visions: Advances organizational leadership

This program boosts industry capacity by assisting agricultural and rural organizations. Funding is available to help develop and implement strategic plans that position the organization to lead the sector forward.

Growing Actions: Advances industry strategies on sector competitiveness

This program advances industry-led strategies by providing targeted funding to agricultural organizations, including industry-based strategies along the entire value chain, for development related to market-based opportunities and challenges.

Growing Value: Advances commercialization of products and captures market opportunities

This program assists farms and agriprocessors transformational activities that promote value added product development, commercialization and bringing innovation to market.

Growing Value - Commercialization

Growing Adaptation: Advances water management system

This program is directed at secure water management projects, helping to create sustainable systems to secure adequate, quality water supplies for agricultural, agrifood and agribusiness purposes in rural areas.

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