BC- Strategic Projects


BC PNP Strategic Projects

The BC Provincial Nominee Program – Business Immigration program offers accelerated immigration for investment-ready and qualified entrepreneurs ready to invest and settle in BC.

The Strategic Projects Category assists foreign-controlled companies establishing an eligible business in BC with the timely entry of foreign key managerial, professional or technical staff who intend to become permanent residents in Canada.

Under the program, up to five people per company can apply for permanent residence this way.

To qualify the company must:

  • Make a minimum equity investment of $500,000.
  • Create at least three jobs for Canadians in BC for each nominee applicant put forward by the company.
  • Demonstrate a record of good business and be willing to incorporate a Canadian subsidiary or register an extra-provincial company in BC.



The Immigrant Investor Program offers numerous advantages to participants, including that:

  • You can establish Canadian operations with people you trust.
  • The application time is quicker than with the federal programs.
  • You can complete the application process for five individuals as a package.
  • You will provide an incentive to employees working for your company.


Our Service – Extensive Experience and the Fast-Track Option


We have extensive experience in this category, and will work with you to both draft a suitable business plan, and to complete the immigration requirements.

We strongly recommend this program to foreign investors looking to start businesses in British Columbia.


The BC PNP Strategic Projects category enables foreign-controlled companies to set up a B.C. based operation (such as a branch office or operating facility). This category allows you to propose up to five key foreign managerial, professional or technical staff who intend to become permanent residents of Canada and settle in the province.

BC PNP Strategic Projects Eligibility

To apply to the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) in the Strategic Projects category your company must:

  • Provide evidence of good business practices and successful business operations outside of Canada that are relevant to the proposed business.
  • Demonstrate that the key staff members proposed are qualified senior personnel who are essential to establishing and operating the proposed business in B.C.

The key staff members must have or be eligible for immigration status in Canada. The BC PNP Strategic Projects program will not accept applications of key staff members who:

  • are prohibited from entering Canada,
  • you have not been lawfully admitted in the country where you currently reside,
  • are in Canada illegally,
  • have an unresolved refugee claim in Canada, or
  • are under a removal order in Canada.


  • Sign a Performance Agreement with the province.
  • Make a minimum equity investment of at least CAD $500,000 to establish or purchase and expand an eligible business.
  • Create at least three new jobs for Canadians or permanent residents for each key staff member proposed.
  • Establish or purchase and expand a company in B.C. that is incorporated or federally incorporated and registered extra-provincially in B.C.

Application Process

  1. You are encouraged to make an exploratory visit to the province to learn more about opportunities and the local business environment.
  2. Provide a proposal. The proposal should include company information (e.g. the year established, a description of business activities, sales revenue, number of employees, etc.), a description of the business you intend to establish or purchase and expand in B.C., a detailed investment breakdown, the estimated annual revenue, and the types of jobs you will create for Canadians and permanent residents.
  3. If your proposal fits the requirements of the Strategy Projects category, the BC PNP will email you an application package. You and your key staff must submit all the required forms and supporting documentation, and pay the processing fee of CAD$3,000 plus a CAD $1,000 application fee for each key staff member in the application.
  4. The BC PNP will screen your application for completeness, may ask you clarifying questions and request additional documentation.
  5. If your application passes the initial assessment, the BC PNP will ask all key staff members to attend an in-person interview.
  6. After the approval of the application, the designated signing authority for the company signs a Performance Agreement. The BC PNP will issue a work permit support letter to all key staff members so they can apply for a two-year work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

After Approval

  1. Key staff members arrive in B.C. with a valid work permit and submit an Arrival Report Form to the BC PNP Strategic Projects program.
  2. When the company meets the terms and conditions of the Performance Agreement, it submits the Final Report to the BC PNP Strategic Projects office.
  3. The BC PNP Strategic Projects case management office reviews the Final Report and may conduct site visits or interviews to verify information. If the company meets the terms and conditions of the Performance Agreement, B.C. will nominate the key staff members for permanent residence.
  4. The key staff members apply to CIC for a permanent resident visa. They will have six months from the date of nomination to apply to CIC.