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Atlantic Immigration Pilot continues to gain momentum

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Saskatchewan adopts

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British Columbia’s Tech Pilot

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New Express Entry system gains interest from 3,750 ITA’s

 The Canadian government  has invited 3,750 Express Entry aplicants to apply for permanent residence following a draw that was held July 11th, 2018. The minimum comprehensive ranking system score for this draw was 442. The minimum score required is the exact same as the previous invitation round on June 25th, 2018. Furthermore, the number of invitations to Apply (ITA’s) is the same as the two previous draws which were held on June 13 and June 25. The tie breaking date and time for this draw was June 26,2018 at 1:38:55 UTC. This means that all the aplicants who scored 442 who submitted their applications before a specific date and time receive an ITA in this invitation round. 

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