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Quebec publishes new details for its new Expression of Interest system

 This new Expression of Interest (EOI) system which will come into effect August 2nd,2018, will replace Quebec’s current system for its Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). Anyone who is interested in the QSWP is asked to submit an online Expression of Interest profile to Quebec’s Immigration Ministry (MIDI).

To begin the process, anyone who is aged 18 years old or older, could submit a profile to QSWP’s Expression of Interest Bank. Candidates who receive a score based on factors such as, skilled work experience, education and training, proficiency in French or English, financial self-sufficiency, and others. To be considered all profiles will have to meet the minimum required score of two points in the education category. At the same time, it is required to receive the one point that is rewards for financial self-sufficiency.

In the next step, profiles that satisfy the primary requirements for education and financial self-sufficiency must then meet the required passing score of 43 points for a grouping of factors called Employability, which is based on education, work experience, age language proficiency, time spent in Quebec and family in Quebec. It also requires a valid employment offer. Having a job offer is a bonus. However, it is not required to be eligible for the QSWP. The employability cut off score for candidates who has a spouse or common law partner is 52.

In the third step, candidates who meet the employability cut-off score must then proceed to reaching the minimum cut of threshold under a grouping of factors called Selection, which is a passing score of 50 points. This step considers the points given under the six factors considered for Employability. Applicants who are invited to apply for CSQ will have a total of 90 days to submit their applications.

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