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Canadian Citizenship

To right to have Canadian citizenship, is a status that is greatly wanted by countless individuals worldwide. That is because of its quality of life found in Canada and the various important rights and privileges citizens enjoy. Canada is simply a great place to live and to be a citizen of it. If someone has at least one Canadian parent, they are in a good position of having a fast-tracked route in which a citizenship can be obtained. The most common method to obtaining a Canadian citizenship taken by foreign nationals is through one of the permanent residency programs.

To begin, Canada’s permanent residency programs are subjected to eligibility criteria which must be met to be considered as a candidate. These criteria differ from program to program but many of them pertain to age, language ability, education level and skilled work experience. Secondly, to transfer from Canadian permanent residency to citizenship, there are certain criteria that must be complied. Presently speaking, these requirements are that an individual must live in Canada for 3 out of 5 years as a permanent resident before being eligible for Canadian citizenship. This time can be subjected to certain limitations of expectations. However, in the larger part this is the case to be a workable candidate to obtain citizenship in Canada. For many potential candidates, these residency requirements could cause an issue. Many individuals have certain obligations and responsibilities which is necessarily entail them to be outside of Canada. Keep in mind exceptional situations, which are few and far between, in such scenarios a permanent resident could not successfully acquire a Canadian citizenship.

If an applicant has a questions or concerns regrading the applications, it is in his or her interest to consult qualified and competent Canadian immigration attorneys to ensure that the process is as smooth and problem-free as possible.

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