International Student with job offer

What is the International Student with a Job Offer Stream?

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) offers international students with a job offer the opportunity to permanently live and work in Ontario.

Prospective nominees (the applicant) can only apply if they have received an approved permanent full-time job offer from an Ontario employer, or from a business making an approved and endorsed investment in Ontario.

Important: Before Applying as a Nominee

In order to apply as a nominee, the applicant must have a job offer that has been approved by OINP. To do this:
Ontario employers must first submit a Pre-Screen Application to have the position they wish to fill approved by OINP. For information on the Pre-Screen application process for Ontario employers, visit the Employer section of the OINP website.

Companies making an investment in Ontario under the Investment Component of OINP must first have their investment approved and endorsed by an Ontario ministry. They can then submit a Pre-Screen Application. For more information, visit the Investor section of the OINP website.

The application fee for international students with a job offer is $1500.

This fee can be paid by either the applicant or the employer, but must be included in the nominee application package.

OINP no longer accepts incomplete nominee applications, and will return them to applicants. In cases where OINP returns incomplete applications to applicants, OINP will also return the enclosed application fees.

Applicants submitting applications in person must note that reception staff are not authorized to provide application advice or review the completeness of applications.