French Language Program


French Language Program 

Register for one of the 6-level programs depending on your proficiency. Learning French encourages you to improve your linguistic ability in different social, professional and personal environments.

During the 40 hours per level program, teachers will assist you in written exercises to reinforce your grammar and vocabulary. Through the interaction and listening activities, this course will guide students toward understanding the functions of the French language in a professional and social setting.

Class schedule

Most levels follow the same schedule (the sessions get taken up very quickly):


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Certificate of Proficiency in French - Language and Culture 

This university-level intensive program in French is made up of 5 levels where students can learn and improve their knowledge inside the classroom with their teachers and classmates as well as participate in cultural activities around Montreal and interact with native speakers. Each level is a 6-week session with 25 teaching hours per week.

 Start Dates:


Tuition Fees:

1.        Application Fee: $81.93 CAD (non-refundable)

2.        Tuition Fees: $2,090 CAD (per six week session/level)

3.        Career Advising and Transition Services Fee: $15 CAD (per semester)

4.        Compulsory International Health Insurance fee: $134 CAD (per semester)

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10-Week Intensive English Language Program 

This program is for adults, ages 18-year and over, who wants to learn English at a University in Canada for:

  • Academic purpose - prepare for university or college admission
  • Professional purpose - to achieve a competent level at work
  • Study abroad experience - to have fun and an unforgettable Canadian experience

There are 6-levels (260-hour per level) to obtain a Certificate of Proficiency in English. Depending on your current English level, you may be able to complete this certificate from 10 weeks up to 60 weeks.

The advantages of this program are small classroom sizes, short duration, affordable tuition fees, a chance to widen social and business networks, develop confidence, sharpen skills, open doors to post-secondary education, seek further qualifications and gain a competitive edge.

It is an integrated skills program for students to develop skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Students will develop skills and strategies in the post-secondary North American academic style. Two specialized English and one Second Language instructors are committed to providing a collaborative learning environment to the students. The student will achieve an intercultural competency and the ability to communicate and express themselves with confidence.


Tuition Fees for 10-week English program: CAD $4625 ( fees include testing, placement, course pack, and social activity fees) 

*In addition to tuition fees, students are expected to pay for own accommodation, health insurance, textbooks and other supplies.

Next intake is early June, 2017 (registration starts now). To register, email to get your application form TODAY!


Certificate of Proficiency in English - Language and Culture

The full-time intensive program at one of the top universities in Canada offers you the support to study, work and live in an English-speaking environment. Completing this English program will allow you to handle complex exchanges in English, produce documents with academic and professional purposes, interact with the Anglophone community and will also serve as a gateway to study at McGill University.

Start Dates:


Tuition Fees:

1.     Application Fee: $81.93 CAD (non-refundable)

2.     Tuition Fees: $2,160 CAD (per six week session/level)

3.     Career Advising and Transition Services fee: $15 CAD (per semester)

4.     Compulsory International Health Insurance fee: $134 CAD (per semester)