canada is a leading destination for international students, with its affordable tuition fees, quality education, post-graduate work permit, an open-door immigration policy and welcoming diversity and people.

There are more than 250,000 international students studying and doing research in Canada. The Canadian universities rank among the best in the world, while Canada has been continuously rated among the top most livable countries in the world!

Canada is known as a tolerant and welcoming country towards foreign nationals and international students. Most students would agree that Canada offers an amazing cross-cultural experience and an opportunity to compete amongst the world’s best students and skilled professionals. If you are looking to improve a second language, Canadians are mostly bilinguals, speaking both English or French.

Canada is well-known for its natural landscape, pristine environment, first-class healthcare and public transit systems. For those who appreciate a safe and politically stable environment, Canada is one of the best options.

You may know Canada for its polar bears and icy cold temperatures. However, there are four seasons in a year with temperatures ranging from warm to icy cold depending on the region. Some parts of Canada, such as British Columbia, have mild winters while other regions, such as parts of Ontario and Quebec, may have more snow and lower temperatures in the winter. Certain dress codes and practices, when done correctly, can help international students embrace the cold and have fun while surviving the winter season!

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