Child Sponsorship

How do I sponsor a child?

Sponsor a child, and your monthly gift helps bring essentials like clean water, nutrition, education, and hope to your sponsored child and the community. When you sponsor a child, you can build a relationship with your child through letters and photos. Sponsor a child for $39 a month and help a child and community break free from poverty for good.

  1. Sponsor a child whose story, interests, and circumstances resonate with you.
  2. When you sponsor a child for $39 a month, your sponsorship donation is pooled with other sponsors to fund programs that benefit your sponsored child and their community.
  3. Along the way, you can build a relationship with your sponsored child and your child’s community through letters, videos, time, prayer, updates, encouragement, and more.
  4. Sponsors who have the flexibility and resources can even arrange visits to see their child.

By sponsoring a child, you get to watch the impact of your donation on both that child and on his or her community.

What is child sponsorship?

Child sponsorship helps a child in need. When you sponsor a child, you help provide essentials like clean water, nutrition, education, and more while you connect through letters and photos. All with the goal of helping your sponsored child and their community break free from poverty for good.

Why sponsor a child?

Sponsoring a child is the most personal, effective way to fight poverty. When you sponsor a child in need, you build a special relationship that encourages your child with hope for the future. Plus, your donations join forces with other sponsors to lift your child and children in the community out of poverty for good.

Why sponsor a child through World Vision?

Sponsoring a child through World Vision is unique because we look at all the things that prevent children from surviving and thriving in their community. Then we work with each sponsorship community to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better future for all children.

You can exchange letters and photos, and even visit your sponsored child, but we don’t just give sponsored children cash every month. Instead, we pool monthly sponsorship donations and leverage them for maximum impact. We call this our community development approach.

Depending on the needs of your sponsored child’s community, things like clean water systems, improved schools, health clinics, farming co-ops, pastor training, and community savings groups create a vibrant, sustainable future for every child. And since 95 percent of our staff work in their local regions, they know the culture and can help create tailored solutions for every community.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Child sponsorship with World Vision costs $39 per month and it has a huge multiplier effect. We stretch your dollar as far as possible to help lift both your child and their entire community out of poverty. In fact, for every child sponsored, 4 other children in the community are helped!

Where can I sponsor a child?

Our child sponsorship work spans the entire globe. You can sponsor a child in many countries throughout these areas:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • South America
  • the Middle East
  • Eastern Europe

Where are you most passionate about helping end poverty? What country is on your heart? Sponsoring a child through World Vision means developing solutions for your child’s community based on their specific needs. You can rest in the knowledge that you’re effectively combating the issues you care about most.

What is the best child sponsor organization?

World Vision will be the best child sponsorship organization for you if you’re looking for a Christian organization with sustainable, community-based approach. Learn more about how we work.

How long is my child sponsorship commitment?

When you sponsor, you get to create a long-term friendship with a child in need. While you can cancel at any time, you may continue sponsoring your child for as long as your child remains in the program. Many sponsors enjoy exchanging letters and photos over several years.

Will the child I sponsor be a Christian?

Maybe. We work in many countries where Christianity is the majority faith, but we are also honored to be invited to work in many countries where Christianity is a minority faith, or barely present. We take great care to show God’s love in culturally appropriate ways, and serve every child we can of any faith or none.