Skilled Worker

Become a candidate: skilled immigrants (Express Entry)

Note: We’ve made some changes to the Express Entry system:

  • you can now get additional points for at least one sibling (brother or sister) living in Canada who is a citizen or permanent resident
  • you can now get additional points for strong French language skills
  • it is now optional to create a Job Match account with Job Bank

Find out more about these changes and how they may affect you.

If you want to come to Canada as a skilled immigrant, your first step is to become a candidate in the Express Entry pool.

If you’re eligible, we will:

  • place you in a pool with others who are also eligible and give you a score
  • rank you using several factors
  • invite you to apply to be a permanent resident of Canada (if you’re one of the top candidates)

Determine your eligibility

To see if you meet the criteria to get into the Express Entry pool you can:

Submit your profile

If you’re eligible:

  • create your online account
  • fill out your online Express Entry profile with your account and include your:
    • work experience
    • language test scores
    • other information we ask in order to assess you
    • education and educational credential assessment (if you need one)

There is no fee to complete and submit an Express Entry profile.

Express Entry pool

If you create an Express Entry profile and you’re eligible, you will be put into the Express Entry pool of candidates.

The scoring and ranking system

Based on the information you put in your profile, you will be given a score and ranked against others in the pool.

Candidate rounds of invitations

We regularly issue invitations to top candidates from the pool so they can apply for permanent residence.

Invitations to apply

If you get an invitation to apply, you will be able to apply for permanent residence online.

Read the guide

You can review the instruction guide for more information.