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Immigrationdoor Inc. is located in the heart of Montreal, Quebec. We will inspire you to select the right pathway to immigrate to Canada that will bring about a better future for you and your family. We serve an honest, unbiased and careful service to all interested individuals in immigration to Canada in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Our services include but not limited to, providing advice and assistance to everyone who is interested in visiting, studying, working or living permanently in Canada and to become a Canadian citizen. 

There are many ways you can apply to come to Canada. At InspiCan we will thoroughly assess your case and recommend the best programs according to your qualifications and personal factors.

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Ontario reopens popular immigration streams targeting international graduates

The Canadian province of Ontario reopened its Masters Graduate Stream and PhD Graduate Stream on Jan

New Brunswick’s Express Entry Labour Market Stream reopens to IT workers

The Express Entry New Brunswick Labour Market Stream has temporarily reopened to Expressions of Inte

Immigrants Make Up 21.9% of Canada’s Population: StatsCan

The share of Canada’s growing population made up by immigrants has risen to 21.9 percent, up fro

Atlantic Immigration Pilot continues to gain momentum

To help employers and immigrants take advantage of the Pilot, IRCC has also launched a dedicated ser

Changes to Citizenship Act this fall

n the fall of 2017, citizenship applicants will be able to apply if they have been physically presen

Spousal Sponsorship

For many couples, immigration can be incredibly scary. It is difficult to let go of a loved one when


Register for one of the 6-level programs depending on your proficiency. This French program is PEQ r

Summer Camp Canada

Summer camp - International Summer Language Camp provides an educational and cultural experience for

Other Requirements

The sponsor should also convince the immigration officer of their behavioural eligibility to sponsor

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Canadian Geography :

 Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 districts or territories.

Governments generally have a great degree of independence from the central government, but the degree of freedom of action is less in the realm of the realm.

The most important province in terms of economics and politics is that the cities of Toronto and Vatwald are located
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